Visualizing Four Key Technical Interview Algorithms

An interactive way to learn four extremely crucial interview algorithms

Friday May 11, 2018

Liked this? I also wrote about how I'd prioritize LeetCode and HackerRank questions.

Technical interviews are hard. There's a countless number of coding questions one can be asked. However, I often see people brute force their way into knowing many questions by heart, not realizing that most questions are actually asking the same things over and over. In reality, most coding interview questions refer to just a few categories, just like behavioral questions.

Instead of offering many (seemingly) disparate questions, I presented visualizations of four algorithms to a campus org. I claim these algorithms cover 80% of interview questions. I also list well-known questions that fall into these categories. I've decided to publicly list my work.

Obviously, skimming a slideshow isn't enough to become great at interviewing, so I encourage the ambitious or more experienced to look through my favorite resources in the end.